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Grinding Burr insight with SSP grinding solutions

Monday 26 april 2021 14:15:00 Europe/brussels

Family owned and operated since 1991, SSP Grinding Solution began as one of the early manufacturers of specialized grinding tools in South KOREA.

They are specialized in offering an every flat coffee grinding line
of high quality cutting tools such as their new customized SSP burr sets.

In this article we explain you what the difference is between:

  • SSP High Uniformity
  • SSP Unimodal/Brew
  • Multipurpose or Unimodal espresso

There are 3 different 64mm burr geometry currently offered by SSP:

1. Original or High Uniformity

2. Unimodal or Brew

3. Multipurpose or Unimodal espresso

SSP High Uniformity - espresso focused, good for traditional medium/medium-dark roast

SSP Unimodal/Brew - the older/original brew burrs, good for filter brewing,and does not produce as much fines, hence if used for espresso, need to grind at almost burrs touching.

SSP Multipurpose/Unimodal-Espresso - customized brew burrs, with added flat surfaces which produces a bit more fines at espresso grind settings. Good for filter and light roast espresso (this can be aligned with whiteboard marker test due to the tiny flat surfaces)


The difference of the brew burrs and the multi-purpose burrs is only at the outer edge. The multi-purpose burrs have small flats but the brew burrs do not have. The teeth number of this 2 burr sets are the same. The top burr is 45 teeth and the bottom burr is 40 (inner side). The red speed coating burr looks like the bottom burr of the brew burrs.

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