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Thursday 23 may 2019 13:15:00 Europe/brussels

The new Pearl Model S is designed for serious home brewers and the roasters who want to connect with them.

The Model S features a built-in interactive brewing guide. With its accompanying Brewguide app, roasters can input recommended recipes and home brewers can transfer them into the scale. From there, all you need to do is follow the prompts on the scale, no app necessary.

Sharing is easy. In addition to this recipe transfer from app to scale, saved recipes are shareable via an in-app QR code. Customers don’t have an app or Model S scale? No problem! You can still load the recipe into the app. When you share it via a link or QR code, it’ll take you to a website where a recipe is nicely laid out.

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Our scales had always been designed with the professional coffee community in mind. With the Pearl Model S, we focus on home brewers who want to become more serious about their coffee recipes and the roasters who want to connect with them.


Setting up your new scale is easier than ever. Upon opening up the app, you’ll be taken on a customization journey. This includes a fun welcome message that displays when you power on your scale. With the Model S, you’ll be able to customize your modes, choosing which ones you’d like to feature, all from within the Brewguide app.

Weighing Mode

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Displays weight only on the scale.

Dual Display Mode

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Displays m:ss and 0.0 g at the same time.

Portafilter Mode

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Tares immediately when you place the portafilter on it. The scale will remember the weight for 30 sec while you dose. Even with repeated dose adjustments, the automatic reset will only happen after 30 seconds of no weight change. Manual reset is also available.

Espresso Mode Basic

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This is the Dual Display Mode with a few auto-starts in place. The scale will tare automatically once an object is placed on it. Once a flow is detected, the timer will auto-start.

Pour Over Mode Basic

Acaia 1 5 cb6d98fdaff23de180f1a5a5d440ab73

This triple display shows your flow rate, time, and weight. Solid technique is all you need.

Flowrate Practice Mode

Acaia 1 6 cb6d98fdaff23de180f1a5a5d440ab73

Displays a flow rate in g/s and a ticked scale mark for keeping your flow consistent.

Brewguide Mode

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Displays prompts for the loaded recipe.

New Features

Here is how the Pearl Model S differs from our current Pearl.

  • LED display: changed to dot matrix to support three different font sizes and an alpha-numeric display.
  • Capacity: Increased capacity to 3 kg to compensate for those long Chemex brews.
  • Internal components: The support structure inside changed from plastic to metal. This means that the top will be more reinforced and the scale a little heavier. We also cleaned up the wiring to make parts and repairs easier.
  • Brightness levels: Four different options- low, medium, high, bright


  • Easy transfer of recipe from Brewguide to the Pearl S
  • The app will only work with the Pearl S
  • Browse through verified recipes from roasters
  • Some settings are now available to be changed through the app, including turning on/off modes, units, temperature (for recipes), auto-off timer, button sound, and your hello message.

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