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Do you want turkish coffee at your home or coffeebar?

Monday 22 february 2021 14:04:00 Europe/brussels

We hope you feel, or will come to feel, passionate about Turkish coffee. Even if you don’t, though, with the perfect technique you can still make a good drink. First, the coffee needs to be ground; this should be done just before you make the drink. The grind must be very fine, like talcum powder. If you struggle to get a grinder that can achieve this level of fineness.

Pro Barista G IOTA Dose grinder

I recommend buying the Pro Barista G-IOTA Dose grinder, this grinder has a stepless adjustment, divided into 90scales and covers all kinds of coffee, such as Espresso, Americano, French press coffee, Pour-over coffee and ofcourse Turkish coffee!


Now we’re ready to start brewing. Use an espresso cup as a measuring device and pour 3 or 4 cups of cold water into a cezve. Then add 3 or 4 flat teaspoons of sugar but don’t mix it in.

Put the cezve on the stove. As the water heats up, the sugar (if you added it) will begin to caramelize; this will make your coffee sweeter, more well-rounded and more delicious.

When the water boils, take it off the stove and add 4 heaped teaspoons of coffee. This time, mix it well.

Now put the coffee back on the stove and keep a close eye on it. The mixture is going to rise; as soon as the brew boils and reaches the top of the cezve, quickly take it off the heat and let it settle. You should also take this opportunity to stir the surface with a small spoon, just to get rid of the larger bubbles. Then quickly return it to the heat. Repeat this a further two times.

After it boils the third time, you’re ready to serve it. Take it off the heat and let it settle for 30 seconds. With a teaspoon remove some froth from the top of the brew and put it into each espresso cup. Then pour the brewed coffee into each cup until it’s about 5mm off off the top. Let it settle for a minute.

And here you go! You’ve made Turkish coffee.

The video underneath shows you perfectly how you can do it with the JOHNY Traditional Turkish coffeemaker AK8-3

Yet even if Turkish coffee doesn’t cure your cold or allow you to live until you’re 100, a cup of this delectable drink will definitely improve your day—and maybe even be the start of a new caffeine love affair. We certainly hope so.

Türk Kahvesi Bakir Cezve

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