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The price as indicated in the order confirmation is the final price to be paid. If this price does not correspond to the price as it appeared at the last moment of the purchase confirmation, the Purchaser must inform CDS Automaten within seven (7) calendar days following the confirmation of the order. Other claims must also be communicated clearly and in writing within seven (7) calendar days. The filing of a complaint does not result in the suspension of payment. If the sale is made in the context of a business or professional activity (B2B), the Purchaser may request an invoice.

Each payment is in principle processed immediately, i.e. at the time the order is placed by the Purchaser. We accept all valid and internationally accepted credit cards and conventional electronic payment methods, as indicated on our website.

CDS Automaten takes all possible and appropriate precautions to ensure the security of your online transactions. The main concerns are the loss or theft of your identity or financial data. The use of authorized payment partners and credit card issuers, mentioned above, offers all the necessary guarantees. The secure system offered by Ingenico will continue to process the payment. This closed security system always processes your bank details in an encrypted manner. The necessary security measures are taken by the payment provider via SSL technology.

Notwithstanding the principle below, the Purchaser may exceptionally choose a payment method which, by its nature, does not allow immediate payment, such as a transfer. Payment by bank transfer must be directed to:

Homebarista webshop (CDS Automaten Bvba)
Rue du Mont Gallois 60
BE-7700 Mouscron

Fortis bank: 001-3726301-25 IBAN BE70 0013 7263 0125 BIC GEBABEBB

In this case, the Purchaser has a payment period of fourteen (14) days after the confirmation of the order. If the Buyer does not make payment within the stipulated period, he is automatically and automatically in default. CDS Automaten will therefore calculate a penalty on the amount of the remaining amounts due, at the legal interest rate. This penalty is due for the entire period between the due date for payment and the full payment of the unpaid amount. CDS Automaten may also claim from the Buyer all (extra-)legal costs it has had to bear as a result of the non-payment. These additional costs are therefore included in the full payment. If CDS Automaten has not received payment after three reminders, the invoice is sent to a collection office or a law firm which will take care of the liquidation of the procedure.

CDS Automaten will fulfil its delivery obligation as soon as full payment of the price has been made. CDS Automaten retains ownership of all products ordered until full payment of all amounts due under this contract, regardless of whether or not delivery has already taken place.

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