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To purchase a product from the CDS Automaten range, the Purchaser must complete our online ordering method. This purchase is binding on the Purchaser. CDS Automaten will send a confirmation of the order within seven (7) calendar days, directed at the e-mail address specified by the Purchaser at the moment of ordering. The sale contract shall be deemed formed when the Purchaser has received the order confirmation email issued by CDS Automaten.

CDS Automaten retains the possibility to refuse the sending of an order confirmation email or to unilaterally reject an order placement by means of an explicit statement. CDS Automaten will inform the Purchaser and will (where possible) propose a similar product if the initial order cannot be executed or can only partially executed. There is no Sales contract if CDS Automaten refuses the order or if the Purchaser does not agree with the proposed alternatives. In such case, all payments that have been made will be soon refunded. The Purchaser is not entitled to any form of compensation.

The Parties expressly acknowledge that the use of different types of electronic communications, such as email, give rise to a valid agreement. This is fully consistent with the Act of March 11, 2003 on electronic trading. Within the limits of what is permitted by law, CDS Automaten can make use of all electronic files available to prove the existence of the Sales contract. An ordinary digital or electronic qualified signature is not an essential requisite proof.

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