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Moccamaster, for the real taste of coffee

Thursday 10 december 2020 10:29:00 Europe/brussels
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The best for years

The quality of a cup of coffee does not only depend on the coffee beans, the coffee machine also has a great influence on the taste. Moccamaster has long been known as the coffee machine that makes the tastiest filter coffee.

Tastiest and healthiest coffee

With moccamaster you will always make the tastiest cup of coffee with the perfect temperature and full flavour. Did ud at filter coffee also know that filter coffee is the healthiest coffee? The paper filter removes the harmful substance caffestol (which increases cholesteol) from the coffee. In this way you not only enjoy the most delicious coffee, but you also choose the healthiest coffee!

Barista quality

The SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) has been using Moccamaster filter coffee machines for cuptasting championships for many years. For this competition it is necessary to taste the purest coffee taste.

For every situation

With the wide range of products, there is a Moccamaster for every desired situation. The assortment consists of different models and many colours, so there is always a Moccamaster that suits you, for home and for work.

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What is perfect coffee?

A careful balance between temperature and brewing time are essential for an optimal coffee taste.

If the coffee tastes bitter, the water temperature is too high. If the coffee tastes sour, the water is too cold. The optimum brewing temperature is between 92°C and 96°C. At this temperature, the aromatic oils dissolve well, with an ideal balance between sweet, sour and bitter.


Perfect turnaround time

Moccamaster's unique copper heating element ensures this ideal setting temperature. The right lead time is also important. For a full jug of 10 cups the right lead time is 6 minutes. at the beginning the acids are released, at the end the bitter substances.

If the extraction time is too short, the coffee tastes sour; if the brewing process takes too long, the coffee tastes too bitter. Moccamaster brews 1,25L exactly in 6 minutes.

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Sustainable choice

Moccamaster coffee makers have a long service life and are made of high quality and recyclable materials. All plastics are BPA, BPF, BFS and phthalate free.

You can enjoy your moccamaster for decades and all parts such as jugs, lids and filter holders will remain available so that you can keep your machine complete or have it repaired for many years. In addition, filter coffee is more environmentally friendly than other brewing methods: the coffee residue is compostable.


All devices are certified by the ECBC ( European Coffee Brewing Centre)

and SCA ( Specialty Coffee Association )

With this, moccamaster meets strict requirements for making the best cup of coffee.

The moccamaster KBGT is available in 4 different colours. For more information about the machines you can click through the products below or take a look in our category Slowcoffee Coffee machines.

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