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Tea Forte, award-winning Tea Blends.

Friday 20 december 2019 18:46:00 Europe/brussels

Tea Forte works directly with growers who share dedication and determination to produce the definitive expression of each tea variety they offer. The ingredients represent less than 1% of all teas available worldwide. The diverse, subtle flavours are the result of uncompromising production.

Handmade luxury tea blends, design-driven accessories and beautiful packaging come together for an experience worth enjoying every day.

Learn about Tea Forté from its founder Peter Hewitt. A basic overview of the Tea Forté program is included.


Legend has it that more than 4700 years ago an accidental blunder caused a few dry leaves to accidentally fall into a pot of boiled water prepared for an emperor in the hills of China. Since then, the tea has exploded into the most popular beverage on the planet (other than water). An exhausting search has been undertaken to discover which leaves make the best tea on which plants.

After millennia of exploration, discovery and experimentation, the world of tea has become more extensive and specialized than fine wine. Most wine is made from grapes and is generally classified as red, white and rose. Also, all tea comes from the tea bush Camellia Sinensis and is generally either black, Oolong, green or white. A fifth main category, herbal tea is technically not a tea, because "herbal tea" refers to the world of delicious, soaked beverages made from plants other than Camellia Sinensis. Sometimes the more accurate word "tisane" is used when referring to herbal infusions.

Would you like to learn more about the tea types that forte offers? Then click on THIS LINK.

For the loose tea lover, the iconic tea infusions designed by Tea Forté are perfect for the preparation of artisanal tea.

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