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Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Handgrinder, an easy companion on any backcountry trip.

Friday 15 may 2020 18:38:00 Europe/brussels

The engineers from Comandante are having a heyday right now. Never before in the history of coffee has the technology of hand grinders been so meticulously obsessed over and thought through in such detail.

Let us spark your interest with a introducing videoclip:

So where do we start? Lets us show you first another video how to unbox:

This grinder is awesome. you can have a perfectly good Baratza Virtuoso electric grinder on thekitchen cabinet, yet you can find yourself instinctively pouring coffee beans into a Comandante hand grinder each morning. It's the tactile sensation of grinding the coffee by hand, for one thing. But there's more. Sure, this grinder is expensive. But you get what you pay for. The grinders are made in Germany. We hate to generalize a people, but the Germans have long been known for their precision and consistency. And those are the most important details when it comes to a coffee grinder. Those are the details that have been overlooked for so long. Yes, this grinder is beautiful and solidly built. But to take it in your hands, full of coffee beans, and turn the burrs - it's like magic. The wobble of the burrs that plagues every grinder on the market is completely gone in the Comandante. It's so stable that you can tighten the burrs down and grind for espresso or even Turkish coffee. That's unheard-of. Secondly, the grinding burrs are made of a very hard stainless steel with redesigned cutting surfaces that have been honed and sharpened like a knife. It's hard to describe what this means for grinding coffee, but when you turn the crank, it feels like you are slicing through the coffee instead of crushing it. Such a smooth and pleasurable feeling. The end result of all this is an extremely consistent grind size. Better than we've seen with any grinder. The grind adjustment is stepped and adjustable by 25-30 microns per click (about half the diameter of a human hair) through a full range from Turkish to French Press. Full, the grinder will hold about 40 grams of coffee. And best of all, the coffee I've been brewing with the Comandante is exceptional. We have this available in 9 finishes. We have all the traditionals: Wenge Style, Zebra, Red Sonja, Bamboo, BLACK, and American Cherry. And now Comandante has released three new finishes: Burgundy, Cobalt, and Grün.

If you are a coffeegeek and want to use this grinder for competition or want a better fine grindsize in detail we recommend you to buy the comandante red clix!

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Also don't forget to check their nice fitting gadgets!

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