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The Aram Espresso Maker

Thursday 27 june 2019 11:48:00 Europe/brussels
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The Aram espresso machine is the first espresso machine ever produced in Brazil. They work with more than 20 small and medium sized local suppliers in the Curitiba region of southern Brazil and they do everything they can to ensure that everyone is well paid and participates in the development of their products.

It seemed to fit perfectly when Esmanhoto-san and Aram met to discuss this particular device. Esmanhoto brought his knowledge and rich experience in the coffee industry and Aram had his vision on innovation. The agreement was made when Aram Esmanhoto showed his technical drawings of the coffee machine he had designed. Esmanhoto was so seduced by the idea that he couldn't refuse to participate that they started working together - Aram on the design and craft side, Esmanhoto on the user experience and coffee tasting.

The Aram coffee machine is an incredibly simple and innovative concept. It doesn't need an energy source, but you need a separate tool to heat the water and grind the beans. The team decided to opt for a thread instead of a lever, because the coffee maker would not only be beautiful, but would also be the first to have a pressure controlled by a screwdriver instead of a lever mechanism.

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