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Nucleus Paragon Espresso Extract Chilling Rock

Wednesday 29 november 2023 15:51:00 Europe/brussels

To keep more flavour in the cup, Nucleus Coffee Tools partnered with Zurich University to create the Paragon, a tool which dramatically increases retention rates and maximises the potential of the brewing process.

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Through extensive research and development, nucleus and ZHAW have designed a new brewing device that retains up to 40% more volatile aroma compounds.

The 30mm diameter chilling rock size for the Paragon Espresso is smaller than the Paragon Filter rock and has been designed to suit espresso. The chilling rock is a core component of the Paragon Espresso. Constructed from food-grade stainless steel and coated with a layer of highly durable titanium, its spherical shape and large surface area allow for even and rapid chilling. Offering greater thermal capacity, the high-density liquid gel centre maintains colder temperatures for longer, and freezes faster than hollow or water-filled alternatives.

Nucleus espresso

1. This series will deep-dive into Volatile Compounds, Extract Chilling and more.

Starting with an introduction to Hugh’s journey building his dream espresso and why he used extract chilling in 2021 World Barista Championship.

He talks about sub-threshold flavours, caffeine and chlorogenic acid comparisons in different species and much more.

2. In this video, Hugh explores key differences between Volatile and Non Volatile Compounds and how these interact with our palate. There are key differences regarding taste and flavour....check it out to find out more.

3. Extract Chilling can be performed in many ways.

Optimising taste and workflow with a repeatable method took years of trial and error.

Why you should try Extract Chilling Espresso

Coffee nerds and experts love trying new and whacky techniques in order to get a better tasting cup of coffee. We know how much difference a small change can make, I recommend everyone who is interested in coffee to try extract chilling to some extent. While many people are opinionated about this, trying it for yourself is the only way you will be able to comprehend how different your coffee will taste.


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