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It's coffee time! Lelit espresso machines

Thursday 24 october 2019 20:13:00 Europe/brussels

When you choose Lelit espresso machines, you buy a product that has been developed, designed and produced for true espresso lovers.

These highly accurate and easy-to-use machines allow fans to enjoy their coffee to the fullest and through the traditional method of making espressos using precise temperature control. For a fresh and tasty coffee, LELIT machines and accessories are the reference for the classic ritual of a delicious espresso.

Each espresso machine is designed to provide the optimum temperature and water pressure required for exceptional espressos.

Lelit espresso machines allow the most skilled users to manually set the desired control parameters and allow everyone to become a master of this noble art. Thanks to these espresso machines, you can take home a piece of Italian history.



Italian bars have spread the culture of the Espresso around the world and are the best place to enjoy it.

With these espresso machines you can enjoy the taste of an Italian breakfast whenever you want, preparing for you, your family and your friends an espresso, a cappuccino, an American coffee or a Latte macchiato like a real barista.

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There's a bit of magic and creativity in the preparation of a fantastic Espresso.... There must be a perfect balance between water temperature, ground coffee tamping pressure, consistency of grind and blend-quality.

Thanks to all the devices of the Lelit espresso machines, it's all in your hands: you can set all the parameters and refine the art of making great espressos.


Lelit uses sustainability not only as a slogan, but as a goal that we believe in and that serves as a guide for all their investments. All the electrical energy they use is produced by themselves from renewable sources.

This drastically reduces the impact on the environment and helps to reduce overall costs. Suppliers and subcontractors are selected rationally, given their distance from the central office. In this way, transport costs are kept as low as possible.

The electronic management of the entire supply chain helps them to reduce the need for the use of paper and additional packaging and thus also to reduce the amount of waste.

The entire Lelit product range is designed with easily recyclable materials to maximise performance and minimise consumption. Their machines do not work with capsules and therefore do not produce any additional waste in the event of problematic waste handling. Cost optimisation, sustainability, enthusiasm, knowledge and experience are at the heart of every production process.

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