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New: the tricolate coffee brewer

Wednesday 16 february 2022 16:18:00 Europe/brussels

The Right Conditions for High Extractions

Taking inspiration from precision pouring accessories and flat-bed brewers alike, the Tricolate offers more control over flow rate, agitation, and percolation than most brewers and significantly reduces the possibility of channeling. This is achieved by a combination of elements, including the flat bottom and its form-fitting filter, which eliminate bypass, ensuring that all the liquid in the cup after the brew will contain coffee solids; the wide base (80mm in diameter) and vertical walls, which make for a shallow, even coffee bed that creates the ideal conditions for uniform water-coffee contact; and the dispersion screen, which distributes the water evenly, reducing the likelihood of channeling. The result of such a finely tuned brewing system is high extraction, which translates to the palate as dense flavor.

Agitation with minimal effort

An oft-overlooked aspect of pour-over brewing is the pour itself, which has the dual responsibility of evenly saturating and satisfactorily agitating the coffee grounds with the water. Although this sounds easy, it is not, and is most often helped along by a special gooseneck kettle and a steady hand. Tricolate, however, has removed that one variable from the equation. The precision holes in the Tricolate’s dispersion screen control the flow rate, dictating how much water can get through at any given time, and the screen itself, mounted roughly four inches above the base, controls the pour height and therefore the agitation. As a result, it is possible to achieve consistently high extractions with minimal effort and with any kettle. All that is required for a perfect brew is the appropriate grind size and water temperature. The Tricolate will do the rest.

Environmentally Sound

The Tricolate is made in Australia of Tritan plastic, which is durable, heat-stable, and free from BPA, BPS, or other bisphenols. The German-made filters, a bag of which is included in the package, have a consistent pore structure, another reason for the high extractions, and, being relatively small, are made from less paper than those for traditional pour over brewers, reducing the environmental impact of every brew.

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