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Acme & Co: New range of quality ceramic cups​

Thursday 21 march 2019 13:24:00 Europe/brussels
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Acme & Co designs robust and beautiful
cups for the specialty coffee market

  • Our 250ml Bibby cup is based on an unusual tea cup found at the bottom of a box, and is designed for filter coffee and tea.The lower half of the cup is a more confined space, keeping the beverage warm while the top half cools the beverage a little faster. Bibby also features our signature handle, it works alongside our Evolution range and stacks.
    Comes in three beautiful colours. The 15cm Bibby saucer is sold separately.
Bibi Olive Bibi Rose Bibi White
  • Maruasa Porcelain Factory is located in Tajimi and is famous for its ceramics. The factory has been owned and operated by the Matsubara family for over 100 years. The very talented Keishiro Matsubara invited Acme & Co to visit the factory and from there he designed the Tajimi cup with some creative input from us. Each 300ml cup has a polished matt exterior with a glazed colour interior. They’re ideal for serving filter coffee, tea and wine. As they’re porcelain they’re perfect at keeping the beverage the desired temperature.
    We have three colours available; Milk, Kokako and Feijoa.

ACME coffee & cupping series

Developed by one of the largest coffee experts with more than 25 years of experience in the coffee world, ACME cups are the ultimate crockery for baristas and coffee lovers; stylish, ergonomic earpiece, attractive colours and super tasty drinkable with perfect capacity measurements. International baristak champions choose, just like you, for ACME cups!

Choice of: espresso, cappuccino, flat white, latte, tulip, cupping, mega size model and a drinking mug; matching saucers available separately.

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