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Loveramics - egg, the official cups for the World Championship Latte Art

Tuesday 18 june 2019 11:53:00 Europe/brussels

In a wide range of colors we have different sizes of cups from the great brand Loveramics. These heavy porcelain cups ensure that the heat of your coffee is kept as good as possible. Also, the coffee falls carefully into your cup thanks to the round bottom and therefore the flavors remain well balanced.

Below you can see how easy it is to pour latte art into the Loveramics cups.

When we talk about love, we describe many feelings, including trust. The same goes for Loveramics - you can trust us - we guarantee that Loveramics is an unlimited love of ceramics. Originally founded in Hong Kong, the brand has for many years passed on its passion for beauty to coffee and tea lovers around the world.

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With THIS LINK you can discover our range of loveramic cups.

These are 80 ml espresso cups, 200 ml cappuccino cups and 300 ml latte cups in different colours.

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The BOND cups have a super "round continuous curve" inside the profile which allows the aroma to develop to its maximum. The ultra-thick cup wall makes it super-durable and maintains the coffee's temperature.

The cup further retains the heat due to the heat seal design created by the extra space at the base. The avant-garde handle adjusts the centre of gravity of the cups, giving you balance when pouring your latte art and giving you comfort when drinking your favourite cup of coffee.

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