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Make delicious coffee using the KRUVE Zifter

Thursday 14 november 2019 19:37:00 Europe/brussels
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One of the most frustrating things about coffee grinders and their technology is how difficult it seems to produce a fully consistent size of coffee particles. No matter how well your grinder is considered, it's still unlikely to produce a consistent grind, no matter how large it may be.

So what can you do? Start sieving your coffee! It's like gold mining, but with coffee. The Kruve Coffee Sifter will help you to achieve this "perfect grind", but it certainly takes some practice.

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Get the most out of your coffee grinder.

Not only will the coffee grinders change and wear out over time, but no two coffee grinders are the same. So if you want to achieve a truly reliable coffee routine, you need a well-calibrated grinder. With the KRUVE Sifter, you can use the KRUVE Sifter to determine which grinder you should actually use.


Inaccurate measurements such as "fine, medium and coarse" or vague equations such as "sugar or sea salt" do not help. Good coffee making requires accurate measurements. With the KRUVE Sifter, you can confidently create and reproduce recipes using objective measurements.

To help you get the most out of your KRUVE Sifter, Kruve has created a great Recipe Series and Brew Guide:

To finish off, a video review of the legend itself: James Hoffmann.

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