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The Nucleus Link Sample Roaster - Simple enough for a beginner, advanced enough for an expert.

Monday 15 january 2024 11:33:00 Europe/brussels


With a range of profiles to make your roast as simple or as complicated as you wish, we put the power back into your hands, where you are the driver of the flavour expression you’d like to create.

For the development of the Nucleus LINK, Sam Corra was brought on board to build a new model designed for coffee professionals to use in cupping labs as well as to design competition coffees, or special curated coffee programs. This new unit allows professionals from the whole supply chain to have access to a reliable and affordable electric commercial sample roaster.


• Suitable for any person (roaster, farmer, barista etc.). No experience required.

• Only roaster on the market which start each roast at room temperature, ensuring the roasting process is even from the beginning. Ambient tenmperature also produces less Co2 in the roast so the coffee presents fresh.

• Density profiling through custom-built app. Be guided to the perfect cupping profile for any coffee type with easy.

• LINK: where technology and practicality meet affordability.

• Used for the 2021 Milan WBrC winning routine, and several national and regional barista and brewers routines across the globe.

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Comes with a durable military grade travel case for easy portability and storage.

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The LINK is a 3 part system: the Link roasting machine, the Link App and the Link Studio Software.

1. The Roasting Machine: At it's core, it's a fully automated fluid bed roaster. Designed to be used independently of the others for the sake of mobility and simplicity, it has over 350 unique profiles pre-loaded and accessible at the push of a button. All you need is a power source and coffee. The roast chamber has a thermocouple which reads the temperature of the beans in real time and it feeds this temperature to an onboard PID controller. This PID controller then adjusts the output of the unit's heating element in order to follow your desired profile throughout the entire roast. The profiles are calibrated for 50-100g batches, with a max chamber capacity of 200g (using custom user profiles). Combine it with the App to get professional profile recommendations. Combine it with the Studio software to access your roast logs and design your own profiles.

2. The App: Available for Android or iOS, the App uses some basic information about your coffee using the included density tube. It runs your coffee's info through a frequently updated database to provide professional profile recommendations. Using feedback from your first roast, use the "Advanced Dial In" feature to make the final adjustments to find your perfect profile. The "Fan Calibration" allows you to fine tune the roaster for your altitude.

3. The Software: Available for download to Windows or Mac (scroll down to "Downloads"), the Studio Software elevates this roaster to expert level. It allows you to customize the built in profiles to your liking or build your own roast profiles from the ground up. You can share profiles with your fellow roasting friends and even import profiles from Artisan Scope and other roast logging software to convert into a Link roast profile. Infinite possibilities!

What's in the package?

The Nucleus LINK comes loaded with everything you need to start roasting right away:

  • The LINK roaster
  • The roaster top with detachable chaff collector
  • Density tube
  • Dosing cup
  • Sample tray
  • USB cable
  • All packaged in a waterproof, military grade case

    Must see video's - Big Up to Captain's Coffee! <3

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