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Wilfa, Scandinavian coffee tradition - redefined

Thursday 28 november 2019 19:30:00 Europe/brussels

At Wilfa, they know coffee. You could almost say it's in their blood...
The result is a coffee maker that recreates and develops "Nordic coffee".

In the Scandinavian region, they love coffee! The coffee machine is the core of their traditions. It is the first machine that they turn on in the morning and the last one that is switched off before going to bed. For many, the first cup of the day is almost a religious ritual, a moment when everything concentrates on that steaming hot cup, before the hustle and bustle of everyday life gets stuck.

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The Precision is formed by an increased understanding of the science of coffee making and by tectonic innovations that enable unparalleled precision and consistency. The result is a beautiful machine - and perfectly brewed coffee, over and over again.

WILFA Water flow control

Wilfa Smart Precision has perfected the relationship between freshly ground coffee and fresh water. With the flow control you can adjust the amount of coffee to your taste preferences.

Removable water tank
Fresh, clean water is one of the main ingredients in delicious coffee. That's why Wilfa has a removable water tank.

The right balance between coffee and water
Follow the measurements for freshly ground coffee and water indicated on the water tank, set the flow control to the correct value and enjoy!

Wilfa Precision

Developed in collaboration with Tim Wendelboe: He was awarded the Allegra European Coffee Shop Award for "Excellent Contribution to the European Coffee Industry".

☆ Best Nordic Roaster 2010

☆ Best Nordic Roaster 2009

☆ Best Nordic Roaster 2008

☆ World Barista Champion 2005

☆ World Barista Champion 2004

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