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Recommended espresso gear gifts for Christmas and Newyear 2020

Monday 9 november 2020 9:46:00 Europe/brussels

This article will give you some insights about our new coffee accessoiries and machines that we recommend as a present for Christmas and Newyear.

If you have a Espresso or Cappuccino enthousiast in the family then this article will help and guide you to the most amazing equipment.


Lets us start with the espressomachine that is the most interesting for starters. When you are aware that coffee needs to be fresh and that you need a good espresso grinder to get the right fines then you are already on the correct road that guides you toward a succesful espresso or cappuccino at home.

Ofcourse it will takes patience, research and skill but that would also be the reason that you consider to invest in a good espressomachine setup at home.

The pro pack is highly recommended as a start setup to practice your espresso and latte art techniques at home.

The Nuova Simonelli Oscar professional pack includes an over pressure valve that stabilizes the brewing pressure and allows the Barista to change brewing pressure settings. Next to that it has a professionel pressostat that grants higher temperature stability and it enables the barista to set a different boiler pressure.


The Nuova Simonelli Musica Black is for those who want to have more functions in programming and dosing.

This machine has also a warmwater tap to use it for your tea rituals. The main differences between Oscar II and Musica are listed in THIS ARTICLE.

The Mignon Perfetto coffeegrinder has more precision in the grind adjustment when it comes to coarse and fine coffee particles then the Specialita.

Each pack also includes a cleaning kit. The cleaning kit includes descaling powdered detergent to clean the grouphead with the blindfilter once a week. A groupbrush to clean the grouphead after daily usage and cleaning powder for the coffeegrinder.

Be aware that this cleaning powder is only needed every two months pending how much you use the grinder.


Are you already a home barista and do you need some extra espresso and cappuccino gear? Here a list of recommended new arrivals.

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Ideal tool for easy portafilter filling, lightweight tool - just pop on the portafilter basket.

Motta grinder funnel
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Eddy Steaming Pitcher, The paintbrush for the barista for casting accurate latte art art.

Fellow eddy graphite
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A new era in precision baskets.
Independently tested by the Australian Coffee Science Lab.

Pullman filtration basket
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Decorate your cappuccino or latte macchiato with cacao signs.

Motta cacao decoration set
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Keep your counter clean and organized with this tamp station

Saint Anthony tamper stand and knockbox
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Perfect scale for weighing smaller quantities during single-shot espressos, tea leave.

Acaia Scale Cinco Limited Edition

We could list up many more accessoiries that fit within your coffeecorner at home but in the end we can not make the decision for you.

We are aware that coffeelovers have their own taste and preferences in the choice of gear usage.

So that is also the reason why we have put our time and effort to expand our product range to offer quality products in each fitting category for the coffeelover at home. The listing above are products we really like ourselves and that are liked within the coffee geek community.

So don't hesitate to look in to our accessoiries category yourself and discover the wide range of coffeetools.

Espressomachines & grinder specials


Portable Espressomaker, without electricity

Aram Coffee Maker
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Precious as a diamond, competition level performance Theresia.

Victoria Arduino Theresia
Lelit bianca zonder tank 640

The Lelit PL162T manual espresso machine is designed for barista's who want to take control of the extraction process

Lelit Bianca PL162T PID

The Forté-AP (all-purpose grinder) can grind from coarse to fine and comes with a 54mm flat ceramic burr.

Baratza Forte AP
Baratza virtuoso plus 800x

The Virtuoso+ delivers a clean, café-quality taste to your cup thanks to a high performance conical burr set

Baratza Virtuoso +
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Baratza Sette 270 WI introduces two revolutionary design innovations to espresso grinders and enables incredible functionality.

Baratza Sette 270 WI

Espresso / cappuccino tips & tricks turtorials by the legends

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