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Pro-Fondi is a unique and innovative product. This design removes the coffee grounds ("coffee-puck") from the filter carriers in no time at all (port filters).  A barista who knows the art of brewing coffee well cleans his filter carrier between each coffee preparation. The problems of remaining coffee residues are solved by holding the filter cartridge against the scraper in the Pro-Fondi with one smooth movement and light pressure. A attached collection bag or the container below collects the removed residues. In this way, the Pro-Fondi cleans neatly and effectively. Time and again.
A not to be missed tool for all coffee bars that strive for efficiency, speed and cleanliness.


*Optimise cleaning of the filter thus improving results in the cup (from tests performed in the   laboratories of leading coffee roasters)
*Avoids dirtying the base
*Avoids the noise from combing thus improving the acoustic comfort of your premises
*Avoids replacement of the filters and abrasion of the units
*Avoids repairs and replacements of coffee grounds drawers
*Quicker than traditional combing
*Avoids discomfort to the carpal tunnel
*Collects and disposes of the coffee grounds hygienically
*It does not require special cleaning or maintenance
*Avoids the old bulky drawer that hinders the operator
*Collects large quantities of grounds in the same bag
*Avoids the presence of insects caused by the grounds dispersed under the base
Additional information:
HOW TO INSTALL THE PRO-FONDI! Pro-Fondi is designed to be installed next to the espresso machine in new or existing installations: simply make a hole with a diameter of 12 cm, place and attach Pro-Fondi and attach the bag (not included) with the supplied ring. 1) Determine the position (for the mill or for the coffee machine), make the hole with a diameter of 12 cm and the four holes for the fastening screws.2) Insert the Pro-Fondi and secure it with the screws provided, taking care not to pinch or damage the power cord.3)Apply the bag using the supplied ring and connect the power supply to the nearest 220V outlet.


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